New Volunteer from Turkey

Hello I am Sukriye and I am from Turkey I graduated from the philosophy department And I came to Rezekne to work in a kindergarten project. […]

Volunteer from Georgia in Rezekne

Hello everyone! My name is Miranda, I am a volunteer from the country of Georgia I decided to accept new challenges and try myself in this […]

23rd – 29th July 2022, Luxembourg became the home for the European People Festival

European Association «World-Our Home» is a member of European Association «European People Festival» since 2005. European People Festival took place in Luxembourg and invited guests from […]

Training Course “I Am Nice as Well” in Malta

The training course “I Am Nice as Well” in Malta was an X-Periment in Overcoming Youth Bullying through Theatre of the Oppressed Application. The project was […]

Newly Arrived Volunteer in World-Our Home

Hi everyone This September we are 2 good friends who have finally had the opportunity to do best long journey to Rezekne, Latvia. We are so […]

Youth Exchange “The Journey of Entrepreneurship” 12-21 June in Kaunas

Term “entrepreneurship“ is associated with the ability to discover new opportunities, realize yourself and create economic and social value. The incentive of entrepreneurship in Europe is […]

Study visit of European youth workers in Rēzekne

European Association “World-Our Home” organized the Erasmus + Youth Worker Mobility Project – Study Visit “Reality of Youth Work” from September 2-8. The project was organized […]

Upcoming Erasmus+ Project – Study Visit “Reality of Youth Work”

Erasmus+ project Study visit “Reality of youth work” will be organized in Rezekne, Latvia from 2st – 8th September 2022. Participants from 16 partner countries will […]

Aktīvo Iedzīvotāju Fonda projekts “Kapacitātes stiprināšana EA “World-Our Home” attīstībai”

Organizācija European Association “World-Our Home” ir saņēmusi Aktīvo Iedzīvotāju Fonda atbalstu “Kapacitātes projektu konkursā. Šis projektu konkurss bija vērsts uz biedrību un nodibinājumu kapacitātes stiprināšanu ar […]