European People Festival

European Association «World-Our Home» is a member of
European Association «European People Festival» since 2005.

The aim of the festival is that it should be an experience for the local citizens who will have a unique opportunity to see the various cultures of the participating countries. The traditions and ways of life of European countries are exhibited in the different cultural shows, the sport events, the various culinary presentations and in the art stalls. During the festival the participating cities have friendly competitions in different sport activities. Usually the sport competitions are the following: football, swimming, volleyball, basketball, petanque, tennis and “funny games”. Every country performs a cultural show to the local citizens and the other festival participants. It can be music, dances, theater performance etc. Every country represents their traditional art and handicraft in the stalls. It is pleasant to see and taste different national cuisine and dishes in the culinary presentation. The participants of EPF can take part in European quiz and compete in their knowledge about the European Union.

Every year European People Festival takes place in one of the European countries during the last week of July. The board of member-countries of EPF (two leaders from every European country) has meetings twice a year in November and in July where the representatives of the countries discuss the questions and issues concerning to European People Festival.

European Association „World-Our Home” together with Rezekne Municipality organized the festival in Rezekne, Latvia in 2008 and in 2016.

European Association “World - Our Home” was the organizer of European People Festival in Rezekne, Latvia, in July 2008

From July 27th till August 1st, 2008, Rezekne became the home for the 16th European People Festival that annually calls together several hundreds of participants from different European countries.

Such a festival was being held in Latvia for the first time, but its beginning can be traced back to 1990. Every year it happens in one of the European countries. The aim of the festival is to promote mutual understanding among people of the European Union and provide an opportunity to get to know the culture and traditions of other countries.

During the festival in Rezekne different concerts, national shows, theatre performances, competitions for athletes and artists, art exhibitions and European quiz were organized. During six days the participants of EPF took part in sport, culture, art, culinary, theatre and photo competitions, they showed their knowledge about the European Union in the European quiz, they participated in evening and night festival concerts. In the evening concerts Rezekne citizens and city guests watched the performances of the festival member-countries, but in the night concerts foreign and Latvian musicians performed.

Festival in Rezekne in 2016

The 24th European People Festival took place in Rezekne, Latvia and invited guests from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Latvia.

During the festival week, there were various multinational cultural programs and exhibitions of handicrafts and sport competitions in various disciplines: basketball and football, volleyball and petanque playing, running and entertainment relay, photography and culinary competition. Every evening both the ensembles of the festival countries and various music bands performed in the concert: country music, pop music evenings, Latgalian dance evenings, hit music evenings and punk rock concerts. The main theme of this year's EPF is Hospitality. Hospitality is a virtue that Latgalian people have had for a long time, and we always welcome our guests with true warmth of heart.

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